Offered services

We currently offer manufacture of technological units for the following uses, as well as other services:

  • Filling and storing materials
  • Fluid and powdered material transportation technologies
  • Mixing liquid and powdered mixtures
  • Measuring flow-through rates and dosage of materials
  • Food, cosmetic and detergent production technologies
  • Filling finished products into packaging
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of equipment, CIP stations
  • DEMI water treatment and distribution technologies
  • Development and implementation of control software
  • Executing feasibility studies
  • Introductory and implementary projects
  • Evaluation of production process safety factors
  • Intensification and modernisation of existing production processes
  • Time-lapse documentary on the progress of construction

All the performed activities are realised at affordable prices, within short delivery deadlines and with full adherence to qualitative requirements. The  process of realisation of the investment project is fully optimised.